About us

Western Counties Heavy Horse Society was founded in 1975 by a group of heavy horse enthusiasts. The first meeting was held in a local pub. The society is one of the oldest heavy horse society’s in the country and from its humble beginnings went from strength to strength, holding two main events a year and this continues to this day. Although lately membership numbers have declined through dwindling interest in heavy horses and the working of them, this is a trend shown throughout all the heavy horse society’s in the country. We are constantly looking for new members, both horse owners and people with a passion for these wonderful animals. 

Committee members

Mr Mike Yorke, Chairman.


Mr John Mattingley

Vice chairman 

Charlotte Trott general secretary and treasurer.

Mrs Deborah Puxley, Company secretary.

Mr Robert Eddy



Mr David Jones


Freya Avis

Mr Adrian Medland.



Mr Malcolm Kerswell


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